Cashel Breeze was the male tribute from District 7 during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. His district-partner was Imogene Odana. Cashel placed 9th out of 28.

Cashel was 17 years old.


Cashel formed an alliance with his district-partner Imogene Odana.


Cashel had tan skin and he was slim. He had blue eyes and short brown hair.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 7

Odds: 10-1

Day One:

He was either stationed next to Illuminate Sensorium or Hopeabelle Whittle. During the bloodbath Cashel and his districtpartner grabbed a backpack and some axes. They then ran away safely. 

Day Two:

Cashel and Imogene finds a nice camp in some kind of forest. They switch which one of them who will hunt for food. He stays at the camp while Imogene Odana goes out hunting.

Day Three:

Cashel spot's Tidal Fynn from District 4 and Senner Leif from District 6 looking for water. He throws two axes at Senner, killing her. Tidal flees.

Day Four:

While Imogene is hunting Cashel witnesses as an arrow hits her, injuring her. He runs out and drags her into the forest and is almost hit by one himself. Imogene dies after a couple of hours. This makes Cashel go insane.


At day five Cashel ambushed Kallum Briget and Baton Ridge. He held his axe at Kallum's throat while asking about the death of his district-partner. Baton understands Cashel has gone insane and talks him out of killing Kallum. When Cashel let's go Baton throws his spear in his abdomen killing him.


At day three Cashel kills Senner Leif from District 6 while she's keeping guard for Tidal Fynn