Imogene was the female tribute from District 7 during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. Her districtpartner was Cashel Breeze. Imogene placed 10th out of 28.

Imogene was 16 years old.


Imogene made an alliance with her District-partner Cashel Breeze.


Imogene had long wavy blonde hair, cyan eyes and freckles.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 5

Odds: 20-1

Day One:

At the bloodbath Imogene and Cashel Breeze managed to get some axes and a backpack before running away.

Day Two:

Imogene and Cashel finds a little forest. They decides that Imogene will hunt for food. When she goes she suddenly see's a boy who's sleeping. She throws a rock at a tree and realizes he's only pretending he's sleeping. She then watches as a parachute get's stuck in a tree. The boy, which is the District 9 male Shawn Lane climbs up and start's swearing. He then trips and breaks his neck when hitting the ground.

Day Three:

Imogene and Cashel see's Tidal Fynn and Senner Leif. Cashel then kills Senner while Tidal flees.


At day four Tidal Fynn decides to avenge her ally and goes looking for the District 7 tributes. Imogene is out hunting and doesen't notice Tidal. Tidal then shot an arrow to her chest. Cashel tried saving her but she died after a couple of hours.