Kori was the male tribute from District 7 during The 218th Annual Hunger Games. His district-partner was Yesenia Root. Kori placed 21st out of 24.

Kori was 13 years old.


Kori was sweet. He's also described as being fat and having light hair

The GamesEdit

Training Score: 3

Odds (24 to 1, 1 being best): 23

Kori was killed in the bloodbath


Kori was stationed next to Mark Stone and Thomas Quince. They agreed they would kill him first. When the gong sounded Thomas Quince jumped over him and started strangeling him. When Mark returned with weapons for them, Thomas walked away, thinking Kori was dead. Kori then grabbed his feet making him to fall. He then grabbed Thomas' dagger and killed him, making Mark Stone very angry. Mark then threw a throwing knife in his face.


Kori killed one person; Thomas Quince. He was killed right after he killed him, though.