Morgan Roan was the female tribute from District 10 during The 219th Annual Hunger Games. Her District-partner was Bohan Undan. Morgan placed 19th out of 26

Morgan was 16 years old.


Morgan is described as someone who likes being in her own company and quiet and smart. She had darkbrown hair with light brown highlight, hazel eyes and pale skin

The GamesEdit

Training score: 7

Odds (1 to 26, 1 being best): 13

Morgan was stationed to the left of Scorpio Black and to the right of Raven Emerald. Morgan was killed in the bloodbath.


Morgan was one of the last tributes left when she ran into the Cornucopia. She didn't notice Jianna Saint Rosa who where hiding in the Cornucopia and she threw a spear into Morgan's abdomen: Killing her.