Quinthia was the female tribute from District 2 during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. Her district partner was Brick Bombard. Quinthia placed 4th out of 28.

Quinthia was 12 years old.


Quinthia was a part of the Career-pack along with Amelia Lockhart, Josh Eagleye, Brick Bombard, Antero Lisin and Amanda Hawks


Quinthia had blonde flowing hair, black eyes and she was small.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 9

Odds: 6-1

Day One:

Quinthia took part of the bloodbath and she suddenly spotted Malek Rath running towards her. She get's startled and chops off his right leg and kills him.

Day Two: 

At day two Quinthia joined the other Career's hunting for other tributes. They see Kallum Briget and Baton Ridge but they stop running after them when Amelia Lockhart is killed by a trap.

Day three:

At day three the Career's was eating when suddenly they noticed a boy. Quinthia threw her spear hitting him in the abdomen but Antero Lisin stabbed him in the chest with his trident killing him. Quinthia then started swearing because of Antero stealing her kill.

Day Four:

Quinthia had trouble sleeping when she heard tributes waking up. She held her spear tight but threw it when she saw a shadow standing over Brick. She then see's Amanda Hawks running away. She learns she killed Josh Eagleye and Antero Lisin was killed by Amanda. Brick and her then hides another place in fear of Amanda returning.

Day Five:

Quinthia and Brick Bombard walk's around the Arena in search of other tributes but dosen't find any.


At day six Quinthia and Brick joined the feast. When they got their bag Quinthia was hit by an arrow in the stomach. She then falled to the ground while Brick tried helping her. She saw someone behind Brick and yelled it to him and he turned around and killed Illuminate Sensorium. He then kills Quinthia out of mercy.


At the bloodbath she kills Malek Rath from District 8.

At day three she hurts Burgandy Rip but Antero Lisin steals her kill, killing Burgandy right before he dies by Quinthia's spear.

At day four she kills Josh Eagleye when he's about to kill Brick Bombard.