Raven was the male tribute from District 6 during The 219th Annual Hunger Games. His district-partner was Unity Poweth. Raven placed 7th out of 26.

Raven was 15 years old.


Raven made a pre-games alliance with his district-partner Unity Poweth. He later joined Alex Johnson and Hagla Yupiya's alliance.


Raven is described as being tall, having deep blue eyes, being quiet, having black hair and being a bit muscular.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 6

Odds (24 to 1, 1 being best): 15

Day One:

Raven was stationed to the left of an unnamed male and to the right of Morgan Roan. During the bloodbath he grabbed a green bag and ran into his district-partner making both of them fall. When they ran away Vanity Twilight threw a knife hitting his district-partner. She died and Raven ran away.

Day Two:

Raven finds a cave where he camps at.

Day Three:

Raven meets Hagla Yupiya and Alex Johnson. They let him join their alliance and when they went out looking for water Hagla is killed by Mark Seas. Raven and Alex then finds the career's and Raven throws a spear and hits one of the careers.

Day Four:

Raven and Alex witnesses Scorpio Black killing Cassius

Day Five:

Alex stays in the cave while Raven goes out hunting for food. He suddenly sees a fire and see's Flicks Marvel, the District 8 male sitting there. He sneaks up on him and kills him with his spear.


At Day six the feast was announced. Alex and Raven ran for their bags but they was met by Career's. Alex managed to get away but Raven was killed by Scorpio Black


At day three Raven throws a spear at Vanity Twilight killing her. At day five he finds Flicks Marvel sitting next to a fire. He sneaks up on him and kills him.